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Global Startup Ecosystem Report – 2018


The intense and exciting life of a startup with all its ups and downs,
what a ride! This report cannot capture what it really feels like to
be inside any of your startups, inside Startup Genome or my VR
startup. What it can do is inform your decisions and priorities using
the power of the only deep and global dataset built from the voice
of thousands of founders with the support of more than 300 organizations
supporting startups in almost 30 countries—thank you!
This year, we focus on a development in the Tech sector that is
happening at an unprecedented pace and has deep implications
for founders and our economies at large: convergence. It is the
Third Wave. We are now producing true industry players, breaking
away from the “Tech” label. Many of our companies would now
be more accurately called by their industry focus, for instance as
transportation (Uber) and hospitality (Airbnb) companies.
This report dives into leading startup ecosystem sub-sectors (or
verticals) answering strategic questions for our global community
of founders, talent, investors and supporters: which sub-sectors
are growing the fastest, attracting investor attention, and creating
bigger successes? Where should I be present to benefit from a
thriving cluster of startups, and from institutions and corporations
that can provide IP, talent, customers, and channels?
We tackle the rise of Deep Tech, and along with it, of China. We
are not only creating disruptive business models with software, we
are increasingly creating tangible IP in AI, blockchain, robotics, and
accelerating the creation of IP in other sectors, such as life sciences
and even automotives.
We pursue our world-leading research as to the genome of startup
and ecosystem performance by quantifying on a global basis how
important are Founder Mindset and Local Connectedness—for
founders to develop quality relationships with each other, investors
and experts. Startup founders who are personally more connected
see their startups grow faster. Free-riding inside a connected
community doesn’t work. Not only that, we can now quantify an
ecosystem’s Local Connectedness and demonstrate that the ones
that build a deep sense of community—for instance where founders
help each other—perform better at producing scaleups.
Along with Global Connectedness and Global Market Reach, these
constitute the new genome of scaleups and high-performance
ecosystems. Funding and Talent are very important, but they are
not enough.
Finally, we are helping startups by advising governments and other
local leaders, focusing their policy and program action plans for
greater impact, and providing a broad set of validated metrics to
monitor progress. Along with Global Entrepreneurship Network
and Tech Nation (formerly Tech City UK), we have started delivering
national innovation policy strategies and program action plans.
And with the support of the Kauffman Foundation, we are clarifying
how to take action at the earliest stages of an ecosystem. A laundry
list or “just copy the old success story of [insert favorite example]”
doesn’t work. National context and lifecycle phase matters, and
we are going further.
This is your report, the report of the global startup revolution.
Let’s raise our voices together and change the world. Let’s build a
shared engine of economic growth and job creation in every city
in the world. And let’s share the wealth we are creating—at an
unprecedented rate—with our brothers and sisters and the next
generation. This is important.
JF Gauthier
Founder and CEO of Startup Genome

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Sheer Luck – No Way ! – Ronnie Screwvala

An idea works only with “hell lot of hard work and very little luck”, writes Ronnie Screwvala in his new book – Dream with your eyes open.

When it comes to luck, few of us will admit to getting more than our share. Does this sound familiar? Other people are lucky. I carry on despite being dealt a losing hand. I’m not successful because I haven’t been gifted a wealthy family, proper education, ready funding for my business. ‘Luck,’ David Levien writes, ‘always seems like it belongs to someone else.’ I know a lot of people who would agree. Maybe you do as well.

But I’m not a big believer in luck. Not if by luck you mean that any one person or business has an inherent advantage over another. I do believe you could be in the right place at the right time in your career. Taking advantage of this, however, requires effective planning, a high level of preparedness and openness, and an evolving mindset.

But one of the most prevalent and persistent obstacles in the path of entrepreneurship in India today is the notion that luck, or its lack, plays a major role in how successful (or not) you’ll be when you unleash your ideas into action. At all stages of your journey, you need to downplay the idea of luck as a necessary ingredient for building strong businesses. Rather, the real source of success is people who generate their own breaks by working hard and focusing on a goal….Wealth in no way ensures success. Life is about the next ten years and more, not just today, and the law of averages works for each of us—leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs—just as it does for everybody else. Come to think of it, the ingredients that make all great leaders or entrepreneurs look a whole lot like the recipe for luck.


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Making Ecopreneurs

Making Ecopreneurs
Developing Sustainable Entrepreneurship
The first edition of this book looked at the emergence of ‘ecopreneurs’ – environmental entrepreneurs gaining competitive advantage for their firms through understanding and utilising green issues. These green entrepreneurs have led the way in enabling market forces to generate economic growth whilst protecting the environment and encouraging sustainability.

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Making Ecopreneurs

Making Ecopreneurs
Developing Sustainable Entrepreneurship
Imprint: Gower
Illustrations: Includes c. 31 black & white illustrations
Published: July 2010
Format: 244 x 172 mm
Extent: 276 pages
Binding: Hardback
ISBN: 978-0-566-08875-9
Price : £60.00 » Online: £54.00
BL Reference: 658.4’083
LoC Control No: 2010001401
Print friendly information sheet
Edition: Second Edition
Edited by Michael Schaper, Adjunct Professor, Curtin Business School, Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia
Series : Corporate Social Responsibility
The first edition of this book looked at the emergence of ‘ecopreneurs’ – environmental entrepreneurs gaining competitive advantage for their firms through understanding and utilising green issues. These green entrepreneurs have led the way in enabling market forces to generate economic growth whilst protecting the environment and encouraging sustainability.

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21 Must-Read Books for Business Success

We learn from the experiences and wisdom of others. Channel Insider asked successful solution providers what books have both inspired them and have shaped their approach to making their businesses a success. Here is Channel Insider’s recommended reading list, straight from the source—the Channel Insider community.

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Courtesy : Nauzad Tantra

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Imagining India

Across the world, Nandan Nilekani is recognized as one of India’s most successful software entrepreneurs and as the co-founder of Infosys, among India’s premier companies in the IT sector. In his new avatar as author, Nandan talks about a subject close to his heart – that of India – and adds his own unique perspective to India’s past, present and future.

This site is designed to serve as a living companion to the book for readers who want to delve deeper into the book’s material and themes, and who want to carry forward the discussion on the ideas that have shaped, and continue to shape India.

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