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Sheer Luck – No Way ! – Ronnie Screwvala

An idea works only with “hell lot of hard work and very little luck”, writes Ronnie Screwvala in his new book – Dream with your eyes open.

When it comes to luck, few of us will admit to getting more than our share. Does this sound familiar? Other people are lucky. I carry on despite being dealt a losing hand. I’m not successful because I haven’t been gifted a wealthy family, proper education, ready funding for my business. ‘Luck,’ David Levien writes, ‘always seems like it belongs to someone else.’ I know a lot of people who would agree. Maybe you do as well.

But I’m not a big believer in luck. Not if by luck you mean that any one person or business has an inherent advantage over another. I do believe you could be in the right place at the right time in your career. Taking advantage of this, however, requires effective planning, a high level of preparedness and openness, and an evolving mindset.

But one of the most prevalent and persistent obstacles in the path of entrepreneurship in India today is the notion that luck, or its lack, plays a major role in how successful (or not) you’ll be when you unleash your ideas into action. At all stages of your journey, you need to downplay the idea of luck as a necessary ingredient for building strong businesses. Rather, the real source of success is people who generate their own breaks by working hard and focusing on a goal….Wealth in no way ensures success. Life is about the next ten years and more, not just today, and the law of averages works for each of us—leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs—just as it does for everybody else. Come to think of it, the ingredients that make all great leaders or entrepreneurs look a whole lot like the recipe for luck.


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