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Making Ecopreneurs

Making Ecopreneurs
Developing Sustainable Entrepreneurship
The first edition of this book looked at the emergence of ‘ecopreneurs’ – environmental entrepreneurs gaining competitive advantage for their firms through understanding and utilising green issues. These green entrepreneurs have led the way in enabling market forces to generate economic growth whilst protecting the environment and encouraging sustainability.

This new edition continues the examination of what distinguishes these green entrepreneurs from others. It draws on a diverse range of case studies embracing examples of both successful and unsuccessful ecopreneurial ventures on at least four continents. Contributions have been updated and a number of entirely new chapters describe sustainable business projects in places ranging from the USA , India, western Europe, UK, Australia, central America and New Zealand.

Making Ecopreneurs, second edition, charts recent developments and remains highly relevant to researchers in the fields of sustainable business development and entrepreneurship, to policymakers within governments and NGOs, and to those running businesses.
The full price is £60 for the UK and RoW (£54, with web purchase discount) and $99.95 in the US.
The official publication date is the 8th of July 2010.
The ISBN number for the printed book is 978-0-566-08875-9
The e-book ISBN is 978-1-4094-0123-0
Here is the link to the book on our websites (once on the sites you can switch between the US one and the RoW one):
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