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Hear one of the brightest minds
in the telecom industry speak.

Join Mr. Atul Jain, CEO and Chairman of TEOCO, in our event “At What Price”in a stimulating discussion on “How to create a successful technology product company”, as he shares his very own experiences as an entrepreneur who endeavoured and succeeded in creating one of the best telecom product companies.

In this discussion, Mr. Jain will be joined by eminent speakers, while the moderator for this event will be none other than Mr. Harsha Bhogle; cricketer, commentator and journalist.


TEOCO is a market leading multinational organization – with operations in the US, Israel, India and the UK –providing telecom network management solutions to some of the best tele-communication service providers worldwide founded by Mr. Atul Jain a visionary and an entrepreneur.

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About Atul Jain

It was Mr. Jain’s dream to build a successful business model and not just a successful business. His vision was to create and nurture an institution that did not compromise its values, while realizing its goals.Mr. Atul Jain today is considered to be one of the brightest minds in the telecom industry and Billing & OSS World has ranked Mr. Atul Jain as one of the 25 most influential people in the telecom software industry.

Eminent Panelists will be leading the panel discussion.

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Balraj Sahani Marg,
Juhu Beach
Mumbai-400049 Maharashtra

Date & Time

Monday, 15th of July 2013
from 7:00 PM onwards, followed by cocktails and dinner.


Let us know if you plan to attend and if you are bringing guests.


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