VC Circle

VCCircle is a fast growing news website tracking India’s investment economy. Its focus areas include venture capital, private equity, investment banking, mergers, acquisitions, corporate law, and entrepreneurship. It strives to make the lives of busy executives and entrepreneurs easier by providing relevant information and analysis in a short and crispy manner 24/7. It caters to the information needs of investors of all hues, deal makers, corporate CFOs, and entrepreneurs, who are looking for news, analysis and insights into India’s growing deal economy.

To take our initiatives on-ground, VCCircle events & marketing consultancy division builds forums in the entrepreneurial & innovation hubs of our country by bringing investors & companies together. In our recent forums conducted in Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad & Kolkata, our participants met India’s top fund managers, investment bankers, and entrepreneurs and through our interactive panel discussions dissected the trends, analysis & challenges prevalent in our deal economy.

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