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I am pleased to announce the launch of ASCENT – a non-profit venture, designed as a unique and powerful ‘self-help” platform for ambitious entrepreneurs, who have already embarked on their journey and are raring to grow. ASCENT seeks to Accelerate and SCale up ENTerprises, through leveraging the power of Entrepreneur groups.

Harsh Mariwala

Harsh Mariwala founded Marico in 1990 and transformed a traditional commodity driven business into a leading Consumer Products & Services Company, in the Beauty and Wellness space.

Click Here to join this exciting group to take your existing business to new heights

ASCENT will enable access to

  • Value providers like Financial Investors, Mentors, Coaches, and Consultants in relevant areas.
  • Common Interest groups (CIGs) anchored by Subject Matter Experts around growth themes.
  • Multi-Trust Group meetings once in six-months and addressed by an inspiring Thought leader
  • Annual Convention addressed by inspiring thought leaders.
  • We will also showcase and recognise successful stories of ASCENT members.

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