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Are You THiNK-ing of Rising ?

THiNK is India’s most unique, thought-provoking and egalitarian platform for ideas from across the globe. THiNK brings together brilliant, cutting-edge minds from an unprecedented range of disciplines. Science. Technology. Medicine. Politics. Business. Media. Religion. Sports. People’s movements. And the Arts. Click Here for more on their website.


Rise is a call to action.

It’s the challenger spirit that leads us to tackle the problems India faces today. It means making decisions – big and small – that change the future. From being one of millions who decide to use less electricity at home, to being the one in a million who designs a revolutionary new technology, we are the ones who must take risks and innovate. We are the ones who will shape India.

This is Rise–the optimism, determination, and grit to take responsibility for a better future.

What is Tipping Point?

India: Vast, heterogenous, disparate. India: Ingenious, enterprising, innovative.

Anywhere else in the world, only one of these could ring true but in India, reality does not exist in a single dimension. There are multiple realities, multiple India’s, each as ‘real’ as the other. If there is an India where water is scarce and hunger is the norm, there is also an India where the cutting-edge is developed and new ground broken every day. There’s an India of shame, and an India of excellence.

And there is a segment of people – niche, driven, and ingenious – who are working to make these two Indias merge.

Innovators who believe there is a way to combat the challenges of India through great ideas, creative solutions and incredible commitment.

This is not ‘jugaad’. These are not stopgap or clumsy ideas to stitch patchy solutions onto a tattered canvas. These are some of the best and brightest minds in the country who have devoted themselves to becoming part of the development process; of driving change, not just enjoying it.

These are the innovators who are working to conquer some of India’s most formidable challenges. They exist in small towns and in our biggest cities. They range from the affluent to the cash-strapped. And they apply themselves to problems that affect thousands, sometimes millions of lives, using their skills and strengths to offer lasting solutions.

To us, they constitute India’s most undervalued asset and that’s where we come in – to find and share these incredible innovations, to spark change and magnify it, to provide a forum where ideas can go from hyperlocal to global; where others can have access to genius and apply these innovations to their own problems.

We’re combing the country to find examples of intelligent, scalable innovation – and we’re going to pick 20 of the best to be featured here, and on the pages of Tehelka. These are some of the most compelling and untold stories of our time – and they reflect yet another India. A country that can meet and master any challenge.

Click Here for Tipping Point


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