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Indo US Entrepreneurship Summit, September 12-21, 2012 – Women Entrepreneurs

Please alert your membership and other friends both in the USA and India to this 9-day Summit (see attached brochure) to be held on the UI Campus. This first Indo-US Summit will give emphasis and highlight the work of women entrepreneurs.

 The Summit, interactively will explore, engage, and enhance the capabilities of participating entrepreneurs. 

Some of the topics covered would include:

• Meeting and sharing ideas with women entrepreneurs and leaders

• Visiting and observing practices of small businesses

• Visiting selected major business enterprises in the area

• Participating in several entrepreneurship classes

• One-on-one and group interactions with Tippie College of Business faculty and students

• Attending an all-day Innovators Expo

(with an estimated 500 participants)

• Visiting successful incubators/enterprises at the UI’s Oakdale Campus

• Exploring new technologies of the future

• Attending Friday Speaker Series (depending on schedule)

• Visiting a local family farm enterprise

• Attending cultural programs and events

• Engaging with the Iowa City Indian community

• Experiencing Iowa City’s farmer’s market and shopping

• Socials, mixers, banquets and recognition ceremonies

• Developing a summary of lessons learned

• Developing an agenda for the next Indo-US Summit


We plan to register only a limited number of qualified registrants (maximum of 30), majority of them from India. The 9-day program fees for the Summit is estimated to be $3,000. Two-thirds of the estimated program fees will be underwritten by UI scholarships, and the remainder of $1,000 will be borne by participants. In addition, IUES participants will be responsible for direct expenses of travel, lodging and some of the meals. If you know anyone who might be interested, please request them to contact me ASAP, so that I can arrange to get an invitation sent to them. Of course, you are welcome to register and join us at the Summit as well. The Summit will give participants a marvelous opportunity to connect with Indian entrepreneurs. 

 Note: Prakasam Tata has already recruited two individuals, one from Chicago and another from Vijayanagaram, India to participate in this conference.

If you have any questions on IUES related matters, please do not hesitate to write or call on me.

Best wishes and regards,

R. Rajagopal, Ph. D. (

Professor, Convener, IUES

The University of Iowa

319-594-9442 (Cell)

 Courtesy :  Porus Dadabhoy, Program Chair, IDCA
Click Here for the brochure
The attachment is large and takes time to load. Please be patient.

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