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India’s Global Waste-Recycling and Resource-Recovery Company

Hanjer Biotech Energies is a India based group with a proven track record of Solid Waste Processing using Multi-Product Recycling and Waste Minimisation (MPRWM). Hanjer’s decade long experience in multiple locations with varied climatic and weather conditions across India has perfected the process and technology that can be implemented and work successfully anywhere in the world. The principle of the process is to extract usable, commercially viable end-products out of the MSW and create a processed remnant of less than 20% of the input volume, for the landfills. Hanjer has 16 operating plants in India with total installed annual processing capacity of 2.95 million tonnes. 9 more projects with an additional 1.05 million ton processing capacity are in implementation stage.

  • Proven track record over 7 years
  • Capability to handle Mixed and Residual Solid Waste
  • A complete recycling solution with Green Technology
  • Recycling to Green Products
  • Process and operation adaptable to customer needs and comfort
  • Serving 25 Indian cities with an annual processing capacity of 4 million tons benefitting 30 million people
  • Aligned to global objectives

Click Here for their website


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