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Young Entrepreneurs’ International Summit

The Summit will provide a platform for networking, contact building and understanding new opportunities and challenges for young entrepreneurs in National and International markets.

Eminent speakers from Corporate, MNCs, Banks, Industry, Technology, International Trade, Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms, Consulting Agencies, Marketing, Government, Entertainment, Arts and the Ministers and prominent personalities from different fields will interact, guide and create awareness amongst the entrepreneurs.

This will also elaborate on enhancement of business activities, capacity building, export promotion, acquiring latest technology, equity funding, banking finance, strategies to enter into new markets, business collaborations and alliances, skill development, set up new enterprises and expansion, changing mindset of the family run business, quality management, productivity improvement and other business opportunities. The Summit will also discuss on various issues and problems of the young entrepreneurs to survive in the competitive market.

It will concentrate on grooming and incubation process to provide useful information to guide them in different aspects of business development and management.

The Forum will provide information and guidance on the process of setting up an enterprise, making a business plan, market study, feasibility reports, project reports, approaching a bank or a financial institution for obtaining term loans and working capital, development of skills pertaining to manufacturing, quality, marketing and human relations, effective communication, exports, foreign exchange rules and regulations, international payment settlements, risk management and other related topics.

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