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Tata Jagriti Yatra

Tata Jagriti Yatra

Selections open for 2010 – Apply NOW

Tata Jagriti Yatra is an annual train journey that that takes hundreds of India’s highly motivated youth (with some participation of international students) between the ages of 20-25 and experienced professionals with age above 25, on a eighteen day national odyssey, introducing them to unsung heroes of India. The aim is to awaken the spirit of entrepreneurship – both social and economic – within India’s youth by exposing them to individuals and institutions that are developing unique solutions to India’s challenges. Through this national event we have begun to inspire the youth of India to lead and develop institutions both nationally and within their communities.


The vision of Tata Jagriti Yatra is to inspire young Indians living in the middle of the Indian demographic diamond (Rs 40-Rs 120 per day) to lead development by taking to enterprise. By doing so, they can turn from being job seekers to job creators. Apart from this economic argument, they also discover a purpose that is appropriate for their talents. Only if we create a movement around enterprise led development will India’s youth employment and development issues will be resolved.

How to get Involved

We are seeking to engage individuals both within and outside India as well as Indian and international institutions and corporations. You are welcome to associate as a sponsor, participant or both and there are various avenues to do so. As a sponsor, your contributions will go towards our long term goal of create a 100% cost free participation for all deserving participants. You can directly sponsor a participant or donate towards the ongoing support operations around the Yatra. Jagriti’s parent body the Jagriti Sewa Sansthan is an 80G Non-Governmental Organization in India and your donation is accordingly tax deductible.Individuals are encouraged to sponsor participants through multiples of Rs.32,000.00 which the amount to fund each participant. Smaller amounts can be donated towards raising funds for any participant. If necessary, profiles of deserving participants who have qualified through our selection process are available. Please enquire with us for further details.

Foundations and Institutions are welcome to donate generously towards the operating costs of the Yatra. We will be happy to issue you with a summary of activities that your support is helping us deliver. Corporate sponsorships are available through various packages. Please see the details in the links below and contact us for further information.

If you wish to join the Yatra as a facilitator, you need to qualify through our selection process. Please register through our site and will be in touch with you.

To find out how you can contribute and participate in the Yatra, please select a link below which represents who you are:

  1. Corporate
  2. Foundation / Trust
  3. Individual

Help us inspire the next path breaking entrepreneurs of modern India. Get involved now.


4 thoughts on “Tata Jagriti Yatra”

  1. Excellent idea of starting youth yatra by Tatas. One more feather in their cap. Tatas deserves KUDOS for the enormous job of developing youth and its enterprise initiatives.

    I wish TATAS and our YOUTH all success in their endeavours.


  2. May all the god,s of India bless the house of TATA,s to continue doing what is right for INDIA and its people.They have shown so many a time’s over so many a years that its not how much you have ,own or possess that count,s but what you do with it that will benifit our country and its people.

  3. hi there,
    i am really excited abt being a part of the Tata Jagriti Yatra,2010 but i would not be able to join it as i as a student doesn’t have the capacity to take the fees required for being a Yatri.
    So if any individual or corporate would like to sponser me partly or completely ,plz do contact me.

    Thanking you
    prashant Agarwal

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