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How she makes wealth from waste

Poonam Kasturi calls herself Compost Wali. On a unique mission, she wants ordinary Indians to feel empowered, make a ‘clean’ difference to the society, by converting waste into useful compost in a simple and cost effective manner.

 Her organic business venture Daily Dump offers different types of composters that convert the waste generated in one’s  kitchen into compost. If the customers do not require the compost, it can be sold back to Daily Dump.

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2 thoughts on “How she makes wealth from waste”

  1. Good effort to eliminate organic waste, appreciate your future plans, we have developed a plastic to fuel reactor to convert all plastic & rubber into fuel and shortly coming with a small model for house holds, it may be useful for your zero waste programme.

  2. There is plenty of raw material for recycling projects like this one, in the sub-continent because we scarcely have any formalized waste disposal systems. Mulch is yet another product that can fertilize our gardens and lawns in a completely natural/organic manner.

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