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SIX special loan options for Women Entrepreneurs

8th March, International Women’s Day
In partnership with Moneylife Foundation, Bhartiya Mahila Bank (BMB), the new
government bank and India’s first Women’s Bank,
offers a one-time opportunity for quick processing of these loans on 8th March
If eligible, you may even get your sanction letter on 8th March at the hands of 
CMD Mrs Usha Ananthasubramanian
Special Loan Products:
  1. SME Easy loan: For traders, services and manufacturers – 100 bps concession for women entrepreneurs
  2. Kitchen Modernisation Loan: For renovation of kitchen & purchase of electronic and electrical appliances – longer repayment period of 7 years
  3. Beauty Parlour loan: Term loan for purchase/construction – attractive rate of interest and low processing charges
  4. Catering Service Loan: Term loan for purchase of utensils, gas connection, stove, tiffin boxes, etc – low processing fees
  5. Child Day Care Centre/ Creche Loan: Term loan for purchase of cutlery, gas connection, refrigerator, furniture, office equipment, etc – easy repayment in 5 years
  6. SHG Loan: Both term-loan and working capital – no processing fees with insurance facility available
Eligibility for loans from Rs5 lakh-Rs25 lakh:
A) An established and profit-making business with experience of 2 to 3 years.
B) New entrepreneur skilled in any activity, desirous of implementing a new profitable project with established market demand.
C) Income-Tax returns for the last two/three years.
For forms, brochures and information, contact:
  1. Bharatiya Mahila Bank Ltd, Ground floor, Air India Building, Nariman Point, Mumbai, 400021.
    Email: | Tel: 22022603 / 04
  2. Moneylife Foundation, 315, Hind Services Industrial Estate, Shivaji Park, Dadar, Mumbai 400028.
    Email: | Tel: 49205000
    (Moneylife Foundation is an NGO, which is only facilitating distribution of forms/information)

Courtesy : Firdos Shroff


10 thoughts on “SIX special loan options for Women Entrepreneurs”

  1. Sir,mam
    My name is Beena my curntelly a small beauty parlour i want to big parlouer so please recured 5lac. Loan ammount

  2. Hi sir my name is Aruna iam running beauty parlour I wantto improve my parlour please provide me 5 lacs loan amt

  3. Dear Sit/Madam,
    I have started a Child Day Care in Bangalore 5 months ago. Now I am cofident that I can do well in the same in future. Soto improve the infrastructue I nerd loan. I just applied for MSME registration which is yet to get. Please let me know if I can get any financial help from the Govt schemes.

  4. Hi…sonya here.iwant to open a play way school.can i get a loan for space only in gurgaoun ..i want to puchase a space ..i olready have a play way school in ma house ..but my hubby wants to take divorce ..n i want to open a school indepently..without ma hubby support .i need help …

  5. Sir, madam
    I am housewife & doing stitching cloths from home i want to start my own boutique can i get loan for starting new business please give information about loan scheme

  6. Hi I have my beauty parlour from last 3 months in surat i need loan for the products

  7. I am working in private company my salary is 10000.i have personal problems so I want urgent personal loan

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