The Small Business Resource & Communication Guide

As you think about how you can change the world with you new great idea, take a look at the resources below to help get you there :

Start Up Business Ideas

  • Starting & Growing your Small Business – This is a great resource for anyone ready to start a small business. This guide answers many of the basic questions new entrepreneurs have as they begin planning a new business.
  • Business Ideas – This website for the Entrepreneur magazine holds a wealth of information for anyone considering starting a small business. Topics on this page include start up ideas, as well as ten fast growing industries that anyone planning a small business should consider.
  • Eight Best Industries for Starting a Business – Presented by INC. Magazine, this slideshow presents eight growing industries that hold good potential for small business owners.
  • Best Business Start up Ideas for 2013 – This article presents online business start up ideas. Many online business industries are low entry with the potential for strong growth well into the future.
  • Turn Your Ideas into an Income Stream – Specific goals are needed for successful business start ups and this article gives three great tips for turning your ideas into a steady income.
  • Choosing A Start up Business – According to the author of this article, a successful business depends on 99% passion and 99% hard work so be sure to choose a business you love!
  • Business Start up & Fact Sheet – This is a helpful resource to use as a checklist when planning your new business.

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