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Mentoring Clinic: Start-up Valuation: How do VCs and Angels Valuate your Startup?

One of the most frequently asked questions at any start-up event or investor panel, is “How do investors value a start-up?”. there are many valuation tools & methods out there. They range in purpose for anything from the smallest of firms, all the way to large public companies. In this mentoring clinic we would be discussing the issue of valuation by investigating what an investor is looking for when valuing a company

This clinic will help you to:

  • Acquire  knowledge and skills about valuation.
  • Network with entrepreneurs
  • Device potential solutions to your challenges
  • Get practical insights and clarify doubts from our expert panel

When and Where?

Date:            Friday, 16th August, 2013

Time:           02:30 pm 04:00 pm (Online)



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