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Empowering SMEs for Global Competitiveness

Theme : Empowering SMEs for Global Competitiveness
19th Foundation Day Celebration


Topics to be Covered


  • Innovation & Excellence – Competing in the Globalised World
  • Accelerating Growth – Moving from KYC to Understanding Your Customers
  • Streamlining International Business Operations and Acquisitions
  • E-commerce – The latest buzz for Market Penetration
  • Capturing New Markets by Effective Marketing and Branding Strategy
  • Benchmarking and Reengineering – Importance for Global Competitiveness
  • Private Equity and Venture Capital – Fueling better Business Growth
  • Leveraging Supply Chain Management: Improving Business Performance
  • Investment Opportunity for Expansion and Diversification
  • Capital Market – Strategic Entry for SMEs
  • Good Governance & Business Ethics – Building Market Image
  • Involvement of CFO for Financial Discipline and Transparency
  • Initiatives for Developing SMEs into Corporate
  • Business and Financial Management Strategy – Maximising Value
  • Technology Upgradation to focus on Quality and Efficiency
  • Managing Business and Operational Risks

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