3 Best Practices of Entrepreneurship

Being an entrepreneur is a tough job. You will find that suddenly all the comforts of a structured environment is gone! You are all alone instead a team of people waiting to execute your orders. You are the Chief Operating Officer as well as the Chief Plumbing Officer. In this video Arun Jagannathan, Founder, CrackVerbal, shares his experience that will help you deal with this new role more efficiently.

Arun Jagannathan , Over the past decade has worn multiple hats as tutor, entrepreneur and a technology manager. He has taught and mentored over 4000 students, teaching topics ranging from hard-skills such as software engineering to soft-skills such as time-management. His main focus however has been test preparation — teaching at major test prep companies in India such as IMS, Career Launcher, Kaplan, and Princeton Review



1 thought on “3 Best Practices of Entrepreneurship”

  1. Hello Sir,

    Thanks a lot for sharing this. Very insightful and gives a glimpse of how one should act as he dives into entrepreneurship. Great value addition. Please share more of such videos and articles. Thanks a lot

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