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The ŠKODA Prize for Indian Contemporary Art

FIRST PRIZE –  Rs. 10,00,000

RUNNER’S UP (2 PRIZES) – A 4-week residency in Switzerland, courtesy Pro Helvetia, The Swiss Arts Council

The ŠKODA Prize for Indian Contemporary Art was designed and developed as our deliberate attempt to create one of the world’s great art prizes.

The justification for producing a world class, contemporary art prize was simple. The ŠKODA Prize exists to showcase all of India’s exhibiting artists on a single platform – as a single snapshot in time. It exists to uproot and publicize new talent, and to create new heroes of Indian art. It exists to provide a single, annual focal point for Indian and International collectors, galleries, museums, dealers and institutions to follow and chart the story of Indian contemporary art. Finally, and in my mind at least, it is a window for the outside world to see in to a modern India that is carrying the weight of its history into a challenging 21st Century.

Click Here for the details and the entry forms



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