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Sustainable Development

The CII-ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development is an institution that creates a conducive, enabling climate for Indian businesses to pursue sustainability goals. It creates awareness, promotes thought leadership, and builds capacity to achieve sustainability across a broad spectrum of issues.

A pioneering effort by CII, the Centre is the fountainhead of ideas and practices to promote Sustainability. It enables Indian businesses become sustainable, and channels the potential of Indian industry to power India’s agenda for inclusive growth and sustainable development. It enables businesses transform themselves by embedding the concerns of sustainable development into their own strategies and processes.

The Centre recognises businesses that make outstanding contributions to sustainable development. In the process, they become role models for India’s corporations in adopting cutting edge practices to promote sustainable development.

The Centre of Excellence :-

  • Conducts advocacy and awareness generation on triple bottom line issues
  • Conducts professional training for capacity building on sustainable development not only for the large companies but also the medium and small companies.
  • Recognises and rewards companies that contribute to sustainable development and promote role models in different sectors of the Indian Industry.
  • Encourages sustainability thought leadership.

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