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Transformation to sustainability is the biggest business challenge–and opportunity–in the history of capitalism. World population has grown 3 times in approximately 60 years. United Nations projects the world population to reach 10 billion by 2100! Most of the products currently developed are for the affluent 1 billion people and give very little attention to environmental issues. As we gear up to serve the needs of the several billion aspiring middle-classes and BoP customers, we are on a path that is environmentally unsustainable. If growth in consumption rates continues at its present pace, we could literally destroy the natural systems‚ soils, watersheds, fisheries, forests, and climate‚ that underpin all economic activity, and indeed, human existence.


The mission of the Indian Institute for Sustainable Enterprise is to dramatically increase the number and success of intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs focused on socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable business development for the 21st century. We aim to make the Kanakpura campus in Bangalore the hub for these activities, along with field-based affiliates in India and partners around the world.

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