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Start Coffee Roasting, Grinding & Packaging Units


Demand for coffee in the country has been growing very fast. Traditionally only South Indian States were considered as the market for coffee. In recent years coffee has acquired a national presence and demand for coffee is growing much faster in the non-south regions. Between 2003 and 2009 the coffee consumption has grown in the non-south regions @42% annually while it has grown by 3,5% p.a in the southern states. There are exciting business opportunities for coffee processing units especially in non-southern states.

Coffee Board provides 25% subsidy with a ceiling of Rs 25 Lakhs per unit to individuals and firms and 40% subsidy with a ceiling of Rs 40 Lakhs per unit to the self help groups and growers collectives or co operatives-on the total cost of the equipment.

The eligible items for support are Roasting, Grinding and Packaging machineries all together or either Roasting or Grinding machinery along with Packaging machinery.
Existing units can also avail this benefit for addition of any of the components.
Eligible Capacities of Machinery Roaster of 10kg per batch or more capacity. Commercial grinder of 15kg or more per hour capacity Packaging Machines (pedal sealing, continuous sealing, filling and Sealing form fill and sealing automatic or semi automatic Nitrogen flushing and sealing machine, amniotic and semiautomatic Vaccumissing sealing machine) are eligible for subsidy under the scheme.

Please obtain complete details of the scheme and the detailed conditions of eligibility, application procedure etc by accessing ‘Support for Coffee Processing’ from Coffee Board website


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  1. dear yazdi i am very proud of you,and coco.because it is healty drink and you enjoy the company.

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