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Next Big Things

From creating cars that communicate with each other, to helping kids write their own books, to improvising medical devices worthy of MacGyver, these six innovators promise to change the way we live

  • SHUTTER TO THINK – Lytro founder Ren Ng is taking the blur (and the fuss) out of photography
  • MEANINGFUL GESTURE – Inside Aviad Maizels’ quest to render your remote control deader than the VCR
  • SHORT STORIES – To get kids interested in learning, Sharon Kan had an idea: help them write their own books
  • DRIVING FORCE – Meet Paul Mascarenas: the man behind Ford’s push to become the world’s most high-tech automaker
  • LOCAL NETWORK – How Jennifer Pahlka’s Code for America is transforming the way ailing cities solve problems
  • DR. DIY – MIT’s Jose Gomez-Marquez is devising cheap, ingenious tools that could revolutionize third-world medicine

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