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Mother Earth

Mother Earth believes in satisfying it’s customers while nurturing the environment and building on the strengths of marginalised rural communities to include them in sustainable livelihoods and overall prosperity.

Mrs. Gita Ram, co-founder, craft activist, mentors the company, and has been its principal social investor providing it with loans of upto 150,000 USD without collateral, at less than market interest. She is the leading light in Industree’s quest to uphold a tradition of volunteerism. This is essential to keep the balance of this venture that hopes to benefit the economically under privileged, through a for profit enterprise where often the discrepancies of free market wages, between urban management and rural producers can be quite extreme.

Neelam Chhiber is co-founder Industree, a social enterprise that connects rural producers to urban markets. Industree has obtained investment from Future Group, India’s largest retail chain to build a retail brand called Mother Earth, which is part producer owned, 14%. Industree is converging backwards to create a complete solution to fair and equitable distribution of returns from consumer to producer.


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