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India Innovation Initiative -i3-2010

Call for Application for India Innovation Initiative 2010 – Last date 15th July 2010

Call for Application for India Innovation Initiative -i3-2010

The objective of the India Innovation Initiative project is to create an innovation eco-system in the country by sensitizing, encouraging and promoting innovators and facilitating commercialization of the innovations.

Who can participate ?
Participation is open to all innovators in the age group of 18 years and above.

This includes :

All colleges, universities and Institutes.
Innovators from R&D Institutions and Labs.
Entrepreneurs, Industry professionals and Freelance Innovators.
Grassroot Innovators through NGOs and Rural development organizations.

Important dates in snapshot

1. Start Date of Registration May 2010
2. Last date for receiving entries 15th July 2010.
3. Announcement of shortlisted names for the regional Fairs 3rd week of August
4. Regional Fairs 15-30 Sept, 2010
5. i3 National Fair End of October, 2010

To promote and inculcate a spirit of innovation in India, many steps have been taken by both the government of India as well as by Industry leaders to encourage application of breakthrough technology ideas in the society.

Addressing the need to expand the young innovators initiative to those above 18 years &include a wider scope of participation from all potential innovators, CII &DST have now joined hands with Agilent to launch the nation-wide innovation competition for all innovators above the age group of 18+, “India Innovation Initiative – i3″.

India Innovation Initiative

i3 aims to capture the innovative ideas from the Indian innovators in the age group of 18 years and above, including students, innovators from R&D Institutes &Labs, Industry professionals and individual innovators/Entrepreneurs, grassroots innovators etc.

After the last year’s great response i3 this year has decided to have four regional fairs for preliminary selection of innovations which it will receive from all over India. Each region will shortlist innovations based on creativity, innovation, implementation strategy and relevance.

We expect to receive over 500 innovations per region. Innovations will be selected by a Novelty search which will be conducted by APTDC and TNTDPC .Only those innovations which are patented or have the high potential of being patented will be selected for the Regional Fairs.

Further the most potent and relevant innovations ( approx.40 ) will be selected for the national i3 fair by a panel of expert jury. The winners will be chosen at the National Fair once again by a panel of eminent jury.
Their will be cash prizes, awards, recognition and support to winners.

Evaluation will be based on:

i) Maturity level of the innovation
ii) Business Potential

To participate and know more about this registration procedures visit –


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