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Networking Opportunities – Centrallia

Centrallia event is based on the internationally recognized business to business match-making forum called Futurallia, which has successfully brought thousands of businesses together since its founding in 1990.
Core of the concept are a series of 30 minute, pre-programmed, one-on-one meetings that allow businesses to quickly connect and find ground for common opportunity. It is an intense, yet friendly and cooperative environment, that allows delegates to meet with up to 12 potential trade partners over two days. Pre fixed meetings are organised based on the profile of the participant.
Further opportunities to meet and network are abundant through Centrallia’s tradeshow and social events. It is simply one of the fastest, most efficient ways to expose your business to new markets and opportunities worldwide.

More than 500 small to medium sized businesses from around the world will gather in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, during Centrallia to form new business relationships of mutual benefit. This global business to business forum gives the opportunity to forge profitable alliances with companies located in the Americas and across the world. Participation from more than 20 world economic regions are expected.

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5 thoughts on “Networking Opportunities – Centrallia”

  1. I am a proffessional Architect and am self employed i.e. I run my own small business handling Interior’s & Architectural Projects within India.

    I request you to please advise me as to how my participation in this meet organised by you will help me grow my business.

    1. Hi Hooshang,

      We can arrange your meetings with Canadian, American & other service providers of your type for joint working. A lot of services are outsourced to India by western countries. We can also connect you to world class architect firms in Winnipeg like Smith Carter.

      Yu can work with them in India & abroad.

      jagat shah

    2. Hi Hooshang,

      I am based out of Pune, Maharashtra.

      Where are you from? I may have something really interesting for you – to use in your projects! 🙂




  2. Mr. Jagat Shah,

    I am a Management Solutions Services provider… with a team of EXPERTS to help setup business in India – for people who are interested to set-up up shop here!

    Do let me know… as to how I need to make best use of this opportunity? 🙂




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