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‘It’s a myth that start-ups can’t survive without venture capital’

Prasanna D Zore

Nandita Lakshmanan, the feisty founder and CEO of public relations company, The PRactice, should know why it is a myth.

Nandita, who started a public relations company The PRactice in the year 2000 with just Rs 35,000 — with which she bought a computer — and three employees, has made it into a “mid-sized company with a substantial turnover” with 85 employees in a decade since then. And she did it without any venture capital funding or any angel investor handholding the company or providing loads of cash to bankroll her expansion plans.

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1 thought on “‘It’s a myth that start-ups can’t survive without venture capital’”

  1. Granted most start-ups don’t need venture funding, but it’s usually not very easy to manage a new firm’s cash flows. Venture capital may smoothen the bumps until the firm can stand on its own two feet

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