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World SME Conference


“Grassroots to Global – Resurgence and the Growth Story”
“Preparedness of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises to face the Challenges in the Globalized World”
“East or West, Growth for SMEs is the Real Test”
“Initiatives of Ministry of MSME in 2009-10 in Relation to 11th Five Year Plan”
“The Vision of the Ministry of MSME and the Challenges in the Near Term”
“Technology as a Big Leveler” – How technology can help beat Giant Corporations, Lessons from USA
“Happier Employees, Happiest Company”
“How the Hidden Jewels of India Became the Visible Powerhouse of the Indian Economy during the Slowdown”
“Creating an Industry – My Secret”
“From Brands to Super Brands”
“Mobile as a Magic Lamp for Your Employees and Clients”
“Effective Media Buying for SMEs”


Workshop on “IT solutions for MSMEs: Lip Service or Real Solutions”
“Role of Management and Technical Institutions in Developing the Entrepreneurial Eco-System”
“Marketing on a Shoestring”
“Collaborating with MSMEs from Developed Countries to enhance the Competitiveness of MSMEs in Developing Countries”
Workshop on “Alternative Sources of Funding for MSMEs”
“Organizations Which Used the Slowdown as an Opportunity to Create Fresh Success”


“20 tips to build high performance teams in small businesses”
“Out of the Box – A look into New and Innovative Ways to Reach your Target Audience”

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