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National Small Industries Corporation Ltd.

NSIC has now emerged as one of the key players for the promotion and development of Micro and Small Enterprises in the country. We had laid certain goals and objectives for the company and looking back after almost two years since then, we can derive some satisfaction that the company has been able to tread the path of development. It has not only achieved a turn around in its profitability, but has also reached out to a larger number of Micro and Small Enterprises for providing its services.

At the national level, NSIC was conferred the “Corporate Excellence Award” by Amity International Business School during the year 2006-07 thus, acknowledging the turnaround in overall performance and quality of service delivery. Institute of Economics Studies- New Delhi conferred the ‘Udyog Rattan Award’ and ‘Excellence Award’ to NSIC for outstanding performance in the field of industrial development of the country. For participating in the India International Trade Fair organized by India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO), NSIC was given the award for ‘Best Display in Theme Category’.

Click Here to visit the NSIC Portal for Schemes, Tenders, Marketing and Technical Inputs and much more


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