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Gandhian Engineering for the World

Dr. Mashelkar, in a wonderful, insightful interview talks about his views on Gandhian Engineering and how it can change the world, as we know it now :

Excerpts :

“… traditional mindsets become big barriers for innovation.
“Too risky”. “Suppose it fails?” “Impossible. Never done before” “Somebody has already tried it.”
“Let me play devil’s advocate”.

“All of us have seen the whole family of 4 or 5 riding a two wheeler. We did not see anything beyond that. When Ratan Tata saw it, he saw something no one else saw. He said “This is not on. I want to change this.” That is how the 2000$ car was born.”

“The challenge for Indian innovators is to look at the stars with their feet firmly on the ground.”

“If you have focus you can achieve anything.”

For the full interview – Click Here

For the website which conducted this interview and for more Creative, Business Building ideas – IDEAZRS –  Click Here


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