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Centre for India & Global Business

The Centre for India & Global Business acts as a platform for research and engagement with key partners in industry, academia and policy in India, the UK and across the world. Its primary focus is to examine India’s current and future role in the global knowledge economy.

The Centre conducts research and engage with key partners in the following areas:

  • The innovation activities of multinationals in India: how and why the world’s largest multinationals are increasingly locating their global R&D and innovation activities in India (and others countries like it)
  • The internationalisation of Indian firms: how Indian firms (relative to firms from other emerging markets) are going global and moving up the value chain
  • Co-innovation with the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid: how firms and other organisations are engaging those who live on less than $5 a day through innovative products, services and business models

The Centre was established in 2008 with financial support from the BP Foundation.

Visit the Centre for India & Global Business website »


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