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Tata Second Career Internship Program for Women

  • Begun in June 2008, Tata SCIP is a career transition management programme for professionals
  • Tata SCIP is not a job. It is an intermediary programme aimed at developing alternative talent pools in traditional/non-traditional formats and facilitating career transitions
  • Tata SCIP II, once again focuses on women professionals who have taken a career break but offers an extended opportunity in terms of professional categories
  • Tata Group companies provide live business projects covering approx 500 hours engagement spread over 6 months on a flexi time basis

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6 thoughts on “Tata Second Career Internship Program for Women”

  1. Hi I would like to know more wrt how to register for the TSCIP (second careers) I have been employed for about 18 years now & have now decided to come out of employment to ensure I give given quality time at home. However just got to know of this programme recently & thought may I could enroll & then get into some part time activity.

  2. Dear Sir/Madam

    I have taken a career break. I am intrested in doing TSCIP. Kindly let me know the details and how do I apply.

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