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First Parsi Lady Taxi Service Driver

First Parsi Lady Taxi Service Driver Anahita Mistry nee Driver stays in Malcolm Baug.
Anahita and her colleagues are already busy round the clock, ferrying ladies working for hotels, BPOs, etc. 24X7.

I am really proud of Anahita for taking up this challenge. Do contact her for your travelling needs, eapecially for ladies and kids in aircond comfort.

Her business card reads as : 

ANNAHITA – 9320156622
MUMBAI CAB : 44 333 222 / 67 070 211 / 67 070 287


  • air conditioned well maintained cars
  • well groomed, skilled and trained FEMALE Chauffeurs
  • suitable for ladies, kids and special people as it ensures secured travel
  • cars available for airport transfers, local usage and outstation trips

That’s all on the business card.

Courtesy : Rusi Mistry


3 thoughts on “First Parsi Lady Taxi Service Driver”

  1. my heartiesy congratulations and best wished for the innovative and daring business venture by annahita.
    all the best to you , and may u become the taxi queen in Mumbai.

  2. Ms.Annahita

    Congratulations on becoming first lady taxi driver. I have come to know thru ZNA where i am registered. Actually I live in Karachi and sometimes visit Mumbai to see my relatives along with my family.

    On my next visit I will let u know for the transportation.

    Again , congratulations.

  3. Congrats Anahita & team.
    You have done the parsis proud & have challenged man/
    Keep up the good work & cheers!!

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