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Frugal innovation: What GE does in Bangalore

All aircraft engines need to be put through rigorous tests before they are sold. What will happen in case of a bird hit, or if a fan blade disengages? Done physically, each of these tests can cost up to $15 million.

And each test has to be carried out under different conditions. This can burn hundreds of millions of dollars.

Click above to read how GE handles it all!


1 thought on “Frugal innovation: What GE does in Bangalore”

  1. Wow,
    This was an interesting article.
    Reading further I uncovered : ‘As a result, GE hopes to roll out four or five new engines over the next five years. An engine can take up to 20 years to develop. Nobody has ever flooded the market with so many engines in a span of just five years.’

    Isn’t that awesome!


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