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Bicycle Santa


Give your old bicycle to a village school child

We’re collecting your old bicycles, which are probably of little use to their owners and lie rusting on a terrace, or in a stairwell or garage. After giving these bikes a new lease of life, we deliver them to the village kids in and around Mumbai, in Maharashtra.
Phase 1 of this project will help children in the villages of Thappar Pada, Wada and Vikramgarh with a farmhouse called The Hideout as the base for distribution of the bikes and the best bike locks to the children. These villages are located 100 kms from Mumbai, off the Ahmedabad highway in Thane district.

We have made our primary focus, the 900 students of the Marathi medium SSC board high school called Sri Binoi Gharde Sajjan Vidhalaya in Alonde, Vikramgarh Taluka. Once the 137 needy students from this school have received a bicycle each, we will move on to the next village and so on.

Donors and those interested are welcome to come and visit these children at any time if you wish to see how your simple gift of an old bicycle can make a huge difference to their lives.

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