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Ashta no Kai – Bicycle Bank Project

The Japanese name, Ashta no Kai, means ‘‘for a better future’’ and these girls owe a great deal to Armene Modi, founder-chairperson of ANK.
ANK has been working for the promotion of literacy, health and development in these villages since 1998. But it was only in October last that it hit upon the idea of starting a ‘bicycle bank’ to curb the number of school drop-outs among girls. Geeta Phatak, project officer, says: ‘‘At present, there are only five high schools in these villages. Lack of transport, bad roads prevented many from sending their daughters to pursue higher education in distant villages.’’

For More information Click these links :

Armene Modi can be contacted on

Ashta no Kai – Bicycle Bank Project Part 1

Ashta no Kai – Bicycle Bank Project Part 2


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