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These 12 social enterprise ideas could change India

Every year, international social entrepreneur network Ashoka’s chapter in India, Ashoka India, identifies and selects social entrepreneurs for a Fellowship every year. After a rigorous selection process, Ashoka India helps these social entrepreneurs with innovative solutions to social problems. Here are this year’s 12 entrepreuneurs and their ideas which could change India.


Farm2Food Foundation

The brainchild of Deep Jyoti Sonu Brahma, the Farm2Food foundation runs the “farmpreneur program” in government schools to encourage children to create and take charge of school gardens. Training them in technical farm skills, organic farming and agricultural trade, the idea is to inspire children to take up agriculture as an occupation. The foundation also engages with farmers to build their entrepreneurial skills. By 2015-16, Farm2Food aims to expand to 150 schools in 4 districts.


Carers Worldwide

Started by Anil Patil, Anil highlights and tackles the problems faced by ‘care-givers’. There is an increasing need for quality long-term care for people with chronic illnesses and disabilities. Usually, family members or friends play the role of ‘care-givers’. But it is not easy being one, as the pressure on carers is high and they do not have a support system. This is where Carer Worldwide steps in, by trying to create a world-wide network of carers who can create a helpful ecosystem for each other and augment their incomes. Advocacy is also an important element



For those who cannot afford quality education, schooling in India can be a nightmare, especially because of the lack of teaching in English. To help students in rural India learn English and unlock their potential, Pranil Naik has designed a unique, plug-and-play model which democratises teaching and learning of English. From curriculum and delivery mechanism to after school classes, Naik has created an easy atmosphere for learning.


World Health Partners

With the public health system in India far from being sufficient for the needs of the poor, several informal healthcare providers, sometime referred to as ‘quacks’, act as the first line of healthcare defense for the poor (read a related TNM story here.). World Health Partners (WHP) identifies and orchestrates the relationship between different stakeholders including informal medical provider to create a robust network of healthcare centers under a common brand name, “Sky”, in underserved and remote areas.  WHP equips informal healthcare providers with further medical knowledge and diagnostic skills.

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