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Crowdfunding Advice From the Kickstarter Consultant with an Amazing 100-Percent Success Rate

Dubbed the “Crowdsourceress,” Daly has a unique knack for running successful Kickstarter campaigns. It’s likely that you’ve even helped fund a few of them. Through her company Vann Alexandra, Daly has helped launch and run campaigns such as the Joan Didion Documentary, TLC’s final album, the Standards Manual (co-created by her boyfriend and collaborator, Hamish Smyth) and Eric Reis’s latest book, The Leader’s Guide (which we wrote about here). The company has a 100-percent success rate so far, and has several new campaigns in the works, including NYCTV, an initiative to help independent video creators and filmmakers.
Daly has proven extremely adept at organizing others’ funding campaigns, but she had never attempted one of her own until yesterday, when she and Smyth Kickstarted a limited-edition poster with all 468 New York City subway stations painstakingly hand-drawn and arranged in alphabetical order. Perhaps not surprisingly, the project exceeded its $29,800 funding goal on the first day. As that project was about to launch, we caught up with the Crowdsourceress to tease out some of the secrets of her success.

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