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Ayurvedic doctor has turned full time water conservationist

Inspired by his own success, an Ayurvedic doctor has turned full time water conservationist

By  Kavita Kanan Chandra
Mumbai24 Feb 2015

Posted 12-Jan-2012
Vol 3 Issue 2

Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. That adage was proved right by Anil Joshi, an Ayurveda doctor in Fatehgarh village in Madhya Pradesh, who collected one rupee each from one lakh people and constructed a check dam across a local seasonal river called Somli and changed the life of the farmers.

The doctor, who repeated the success story of Fatehgarh by building 11 such dams across rivers and nullahs around the areas, has now turned a full-time water conservationist and is all out to build 100 more such check dams in other villages having water shortage.

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Courtesy : Tusna Park


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