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Entrepreneurs are the future of India: John Mullins

John Mullins, Associate Professor of Management Practice in Entrepreneurship and Marketing at London Business School (LBS), was in Mumbai recently with a team of MBA students to study entrepreneur practices in emerging markets. In a conversation with BT’s Ajita Shashidhar, Mullins talks about Indian entrepreneurial stories that he finds truly impressive. Excerpts:

Q. What made you choose India of all the emerging markets?

A. There is much to learn from India. Twenty years from now, all the growth will not come from Europe and North America. It will come from emerging markets such as India. Therefore, it is a critical market to understand.

Q.Are there any Indian entrepreneur-driven enterprises that you particularly admire?

A. My students are currently touring rural India with the sales team of Dharma Life. I find their model impressive. The company caters to the basic needs of rural people by creating a distribution network for products such as cycles and stoves at affordable prices. By doing so, Dharma Life has also enabled several rural people to earn a decent livelihood by selling these products.

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