Your idea could revolutionize farming in India!

Here is your chance to get your bright and green idea implemented! To push for renewable energy and its application, Greenpeace has come up with an Innovation Challenge. We are looking for designs for a renewable energy powered irrigation pump to help farmers in Bihar.

Currently, the farmers are using diesel pumps to irrigate their farm lands. But rising diesel prices are making the operational cost of existing pumps expensive. The need for a new design is urgent which is more sustainable. Solar pumps do exist, but have a number of issues: they’re expensive, fragile, easily stolen, and viewed as unproven.

Imagine a pump which can solve these issues! To facilitate the idea of an alternative pump design, we’re hosting a challenge that’s a little different from most engineering competitions. The process is transparent: as soon as a design is submitted it’s open to the public and other entrants to review. Participants get feedback from experts in the field and the opportunity to iterate on their design in a real-world scenario.


30,000 Euros prize money under all categories and a chance to work with us to prototype their concept in farmers fields in India!

The challenge starts on September 3 and runs for 10 weeks. More information is available at

We look forward to your participation! Spread the word in your networks, institutions, colleges and workplaces.

We need smart design ideas to make irrigation clean, viable and affordable!



1 thought on “Your idea could revolutionize farming in India!”

  1. Educative n Revolutionary. Each one ofus must collect n try out these new ideas before making them public.

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