Training Opportunity for Social Change

Posted on: 25/11/2012

At kanthari, the International Institute for Social Entrepreneurs, the current training course is nearing its completion.
The next course will start in May 2013 and 
enrollment for this course is now open.

kanthari International, located in Trivandrum, India, invites social change makers to apply for the 7 month leadership program starting May 2013.

kanthari International is seeking participants who have overcome life challenges, be it disability, poverty, war, discrimination or exploitation and who want to learn the tools with which to make a positive difference locally and globally.

Participants need to speak and write in English, be familiar with computers, be at least 22 years old, be energetic self-starters and have a vision for a project that will effect social change.

Successful applicants will be provided with accommodation and tuition through scholarships from kanthari International donors.
There is a capacity for up to 25 participants and kanthari International is currently selecting applicants through a stringent selection process.
The application deadline is December 15, 2012.

Apply today at http://www.kanthari.org/programs/admissions/

More information at www.kanthari.org and www.facebook.org/kantharis,

Thank you for helping us reaching out with the above message to the social change makers of tomorrow!

Yours sincerely,

Paul Kronenberg
kanthari International




The new kanthari course starts in May 2013!

Apply NOW at www.kanthari.org





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