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Angel Funding in India


invests in businesses built on vibrant, new ideas. We, at YourNest, provide value to the first generation entrepreneur through mentoring, coaching, and business process development. The start-up team is often bereft of support in this competitive world. As an Indian Early stage fund focussed on Angel investments, YourNest offers support, constant guidance, handholding, expertise in business strategy, and access to a wide network for entrepreneurial growth – besides funds. As a significant player in the Angel Funding eco-system in India, YourNest has already designed and tested systems and processes that can be easily replicated across start-ups for a quicker time to market and agile decision making.

Fund Objectives

  • To invest, as an Angel Fund, at an early stage, in the opportunities opened-up by the explosive growth in entrepreneurial activities in India.
  • Maximise returns by enabling portfolio companies of the Angel Fund to build scale and create value.
  • Focus on building a diversified portfolio of fast growing unlisted start-up companies which –
    – are attempting path-breaking use of technology or
    – have an innovative business model or
    – build on a scalable & SMART Idea or
    – represent an emerging sector.
  • Operate a balanced, long-term, venture capital fund focussed on Angel or Early Stage investment in India.
  • Hold significant minority stake to extend collaborative support for ventures’ growth.
  • Mitigate risk associated with Early Stage investing by identifying successfully incubated ideas led by promising entrepreneurial teams that are ready with a Go-To-Market plan.

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