Random thoughts for 2012

And on this February Saturday, for the coming year, or whatever is left of it, a few random thoughts, bits of advice with loads of optimism, all my own work.
That it is now obvious that the economic downturn is over and a new dawn looms over the horizon, irrespective of the election results. Not that other state elections have ever affected Mumbai economy anyways. If  you are thinking of starting a new business, the best time is now. And if you are already in a business – it is time to re-invent and rejuvenate yourself.

That in this new age, entrepreneurs have to work smart not hard. Like I always say, there is no need to push against the wall, when all you need is to just find the door.

I often tell my son, don’t keep looking for new ideas. Old ideas, implemented differently, often reap rich dividends. Google was a whopping success inspite of there being many search engines in the fray.

And one should have a life plan before your business plan. Of what use is your business if you do not plan your life ahead.

Always under-promise and over-deliver – the product or service you deliver will have a price, but the look on the faces of your customers will be priceless !

My wife then put in a word – one should be ready at all times – who knows your father-in-law’s favorite nephew’s wife’s cousin may be your next customer. Be always ready with your one-liner or one -minuter. Everytime a person walks away from you – he should say “Wow”.

And my friend on the fifty-first floor bragged – if a person says it cannot be done, it is his way of saying he cannot do it. Believe in yourself and persevere with your goals. How do you think I reached the fifty-first floor ? And that too without a lift for the first 2 years, till my building was declared legal !

At this point, my dog, Teddy the terrier, chipped in – what is the use of all the hard work you are recommending ? You just need to bribe your way around – earn more and save more. But then dogs will be dogs.

And I continue – Don’t get fooled by people who say it will need tons of money and you won’t ever get it. Show me an innovative plan and I will show you the money for it. Look at sites like and Someone’s getting funded every hour – why not you ?

That you should find your own rock – find someone who believes in you and your dreams, talk to him often and draw inspiration

And this final point of view, inject humor in whatever you do. No matter if the world laughs at you, keep smiling – it will make them wonder what you are upto !

(with apologies to the inimitable Busybee)

E-Series – Yazdi Tantra

2 thoughts on “Random thoughts for 2012”

  1. hi yazdi….brilliant and excellent one….typical yazdi as ever…reminds me of our school days when you raced ahead in solving maths and algebra questions when dumb ones like me were still struggling…incidentally, i have just done that…moved from the exiting confines of a high profile, corporate job ( you know of) and am here in bombay…to venture something….kartik

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