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SME Finance & Investment Summit

About the Summit

The Banks and Financial Institutions are the only sources of funding and financing for the growth of industry, SME Sector and other enterprises for business expansion, diversification and development. Also currently the NBFCs and HNIs are keen to invest and finance in the growth oriented SMEs and industries.

Due to ever increasing cross border business transaction around the world, corporate and SMEs are on the constant look out for profitable investment opportunities. This results in many joint ventures and other forms of collaborations. To meet the fund requirements for expansion and diversification, SMEs should understand and tap the various avenues like venture capital, private equity and SME Stock Exchange.

SMEs deserve encouragement and support from the Banks and Government agencies to adopt and obtain new facilities for their business growth. The SMEs should take advantage of various facilities by understanding and approaching the concerned authorities. The latest technologies, marketing strategies, innovative ideas, IT solutions and financial products are the main areas on which SMEs should focus constant attention for sustained development. Many SMEs are not aware as to how to take advantages of numerous opportunities and various support services available to them for their business and growth.Read More…


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  1. I want to start a biomass briquette manufacturing industry. for that i need to know the cost of the machine including the erection and more details . also i want to know low rate finance for this project

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