Do I have it in me ?

Do I have it in me ?

The first step to entrepreneurship is to answer a very simple question  “Do I have it in me ?”. There are many in Silicon World who have been outstanding entrepreneurs – Dan Bricklin (the inventor of the first electronic spreadsheet – Visicalc),  Bill Gates and the unforgettable Steve Jobs. What is unique about such people ? What are their personal traits and backgrounds ? And, of course, whether I have those traits or whether I could cultivate them.

Many websites and books ask the following common questions :

  • Do I have the passion for my project ?
  • Can I tolerate a high level of risk ? Am I willing to put my personal funds at risk ?
  • Am I an overachiever ?
  • Do I have the discipline ?
  • Can I sublimate my ego ?
  • Am I a self-starter ?
  • Am I flexible and opportunistic ?

If the answer to most of the above is “YES” – you are on ! Yes, ideas are important – but they need to be supported by personal traits which will make the ideas work.

HBS professor Walter Kuemmerle, who has studied more than fifty start-ups in twenty countries, says entrepreneurs today should take a litmus test of five questions.

  • Do you have the patience to start small?
  • Are you a deal closer?
  • Are you prepared to make powerful enemies ?
  • Are you comfortable stretching rules ?
  • Are you willing to shift strategies quickly ?

One could take the following tests online and quickly get a fair indication of one’s mental make-up for becoming an entrepreneur :

Many more such tests are available online.

The next question that arises is – if I don’t have these skills, can I still make it ? The answer is obvious – Entrepreneurs are made, not born ! If you don’t have skills – cultivate them. If you don’t know how to drive, you learn driving ! It’s as simple as that. And no one is born with ALL the skills – if one aspires to become an entrepreneur, he should be willing to work towards it and build his skills and capabilities. Books, websites, programs, organizations – all are available in plenty for the aspiring entrepreneur. Just seek and you shall find !

So what are you waiting for – just go for it !!

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