BSE launches SME Exchange

The Prime Minister’s Task Force (Jan. 2010) has recommended to set-up a dedicated Stock Exchange/ Platform for SME. SEBI has also laid down the regulation for the governance of SME Exchange/Platform. Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd, an Exchange which has founded the equity cult in the country has witnessed many companies becoming big from small by raising funds from Capital Market. We therefore understand the importance of setting-up an Exchange for Small and Medium Enterprises. BSE is however keen on setting  up an exchange for small and medium enterprises. The necessary changes and amendments are being made in the rules, bye-laws and regulations of the cash market for making a provision for SME exchange.

Benefits of Listing at BSE SME Platform

  1. Access to capital and future financing opportunities
  2. Increased visibility and prestige
  3. Venture Capital (VC)
  4. Liquidity for shareholders
  5. Create employee incentive mechanisms
  6. Facilitate growth through Mergers and Acquisitions
  7. Encourages Innovation & Entrepreneurial Spirit
  8. Efficient Risk Distribution

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