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Hatchlings 2011 – Entrepreneurship Competition

There are those who sit comfortable on their laurels. Then there are those who get uncomfortable the moment they achieve a milestone. Because, for them standing on achievements is like looking at nowhere. For them, every milestone, is simply Work-in-Progress. To move beyond. To do more. And better. Again and Again…

HATCHLINGS 2011 is an Entrepreneurship Competition amongst the Management students in your city aimed to promote new and innovative ideas of the youth so as to give them ground on how they want to contribute to the economy and/or the society at large.

There are 2 tracks from which the students can choose to register:
Social Venture         or        Commercial Venture

HATCHLINGS 2011 involves 3 rounds to select the Best HATCHLINGS, one from each of the tracks, which will be selected by an eminent panel of jury members from the Venture Capital industry.
The Best HATCHLING from each of the tracks will be awarded Rs. 1 Lac to help them get their ideas off the ground. Mentoring support to each the winning ventures will be given by DeConseil, Singapore

The Award money of Rs. 1Lac for the Best HATCHLINGS is sponsored by IndiaSocial Fund.

Click Here for more details


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