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10,000 Women

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10,000 Women is a five-year investment by Goldman Sachs to provide 10,000 underserved women around the world with a business and management education.

10,000 Women operates through a network of more than 70 academic and non-profit partners to develop locally relevant coursework for students and to improve the quality and capacity of business education.

Investing in women is one of the most effective ways to reduce inequality and facilitate inclusive economic growth. Investing in education for women has a significant multiplier effect, leading to more productive workers, healthier and better-educated families, and ultimately to more prosperous communities.

Through our 10,000 Women initiative, women entrepreneurs receive a customized business education from local universities across a range of disciplines, including:
Strategic planning
Accessing capital
Market research
Business plan writing

These pragmatic, short-term programs help to open doors for women who would not otherwise have access to a business education. Students are offered mentoring and post-graduation support by partner institutions, local businesses and the people of Goldman Sachs.

The initiative is designed to foster greater shared economic growth and is based on research which found that investing in girls and women yields significant economic growth.

The funding for the 10,000 Women initiative is provided through The Goldman Sachs Foundation.




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