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SME India Outlook 2011

SME India Outlook 2011

Through SME India Outlook 2011-Capitalizing IT & Automation for Manufacturing Excellence, INK Business Media aims to provide the SMEs an opportunity to identify the tailor-made IT & Automation solutions designed specifically to meet the demand from the SME sector, in order to bring accuracy, speed & precision in manufacturing business. Our USP being our speakers, this will be an excellent platform to meet the stalwarts from the IT & Automation industry under a single roof and understand strategies to accommodate modern technologies in available budget.

We do not wish to talk about problems, We aim towards giving you solutions

‘SME India Outlook 2011’ will not talk about the three ‘I’s viz. Issues, Importance and Ignorance. We will talk about three ‘S’s viz. Solutions, Services and Success. We are aware that Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in India do understand the importance of IT & Automation in successful manufacturing enterprises and ignorance on their part to adopt this technology can hamper the overall productivity in any business. Thus, we do not aim to recite the same old story.

Take Aways :

Your chance to network with 200 + decision makers in SME sector
Meet the stalwarts from the IT & Automation industry
Get first hand information on customized programmes specifically for the SMEs
Meet funding agencies, banks & venture capital firms on one platform
Maintain a smooth cash flow effectively & learn to put a cap on unnecessary expenditures
Hear the right business mantra from the people who have been there and done that

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