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Mentoring for Startups

Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship

We know that it takes more than just early stage risk-capital to get a company off the ground – we enable most of what may be required by entrepreneurs through incubation, training and best practice research.

Our activities therefore revolve around forging new ways of helping budding entrepreneurs in India – typically through:

  • Incubation and seed-funding of innovative start-ups
  • Research on industry trends and best practices – enabling our start-ups to focus on relevant problems while learning from other’s mistakes
  • Disseminate knowledge through conferences, publication and training a new generation of  practitioners
  • Forge linkages with partners, globally, to support the above activities

Recently, we set up CIIE Initiatives as a Section 25 Company to give our incubation model more flexibility and enable us to provide risk capital to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Click Here to know more about this unique initiative


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